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Why is it profitable to buy in installments?


And so today we will talk about such a thing as the purchase of laboratory equipment in installments, what it is.
So let's get to how profitable to buy say chemicals or laboratory equipment in installments once in a good PLUS!

For starters the term from the Internet. (INSTALLMENT) - a method of payment for goods and services in which the payment is made not in a one-time order, not in full, but in parts.
This form is most common when selling retail goods on credit but not all manufacturers say the equipment is ready for it unless you are a wholesaler.
T.'s you buy product, say Laboratory the table in CREDIT, but not pay interest for him(on fact pay, about this further). This is the installment.

What is the essence of installments? Is it beneficial to the Bank, if you do not overpay for the goods and use their service? Let's start in order.
Installment You without interest can give and equipment manufacturer, there is a so-called deferred payment for non-food products (on average from 40 to 60 days), But then you again have to be a regular customer or this organization or the organization should be interested in You as for example in a large retail network of sellers of medical equipment for example.
Yes, the Bank installment is also beneficial, but not as a normal loan and the honor of small dealers use it and offer you to issue installments through the Bank partner.
In the case of installments set a fixed annual percentage, but you do not pay it, it pays for you the manufacturer, but rather it makes a discount to the Bank on the products.

Installments through the Bank, essentially the same loans and you also pay interest.

That is why it is very Important to find a manufacturer interested in the sale of their goods. Of course give under implementation of and not include interest not tickles for a number of reasons. Take the equipment in installments of say, 1 year is also not likely to happen.

If You are a novice entrepreneur or a very small company then you absolutely can not take goods on credit and may use installments only for a free period and provided by the manufacturer.
Do not forget that the manufacturer deciding to let you equipment in installments say 10 million rubles in fact just freezes their working capital.

What would be beneficial to use financial instruments become primarily a partner of the manufacturer of reagents or equipment as it is convenient for you for the specifics of the business making initially small purchases regularly and for a long time,
Build a relationship in which You will know personally and not only on payment orders and then ask for Installments.
I assure you that any business is interested in development and long-term cooperation even with small organizations.